Newsletter (February 2023)

In November and December, I concentrated my efforts on the release of my last novel, FFQ pour le Québec and its English version, FFQ for Québec. My readers’ first reactions have been excellent and it’s encouraging to receive calls of congratulation.

In preparation for the novel’s release, I posted several publications on Facebook. For those of you who are not on Facebook, allow me to reproduce two of these postings.

Elisabeth II or Charles III?

When writing my novel, FFQ for Québec, I had to imagine a demonstration against the monarchy. In the first draft, the participants were waving signs with pictures of Queen Elisabeth used as the symbol of the British monarchy. When her health began to deteriorate, I decided to modify my manuscript. The picture of the Queen would date my book and human nature being what it is, her death would create a movement of sympathy for this woman who had no choice but to play a role in this archaic institution. I considered, for a brief moment, using a picture of Charles III; however, there was a risk that his reign could be short. The British Crown became the symbol of the British monarchy.


In my novel, FFQ for Québec, I create a university chair dedicated to the study of the contribution of immigrants from Québec to the American society. More than one million Quebeckers immigrated to the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century; many and their descendants had successful careers in all spheres of American society including the worlds of business, sports, politics and culture. The idea of the university chair came to me after reading an article on the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia. The museum presents educational programs and experiences that preserve, explore and celebrate the history of Jews in America. It seems to me that a book on the contribution of Québec immigrants to American Society would be an interesting project.

The St. Lawrence River

At the launch of FFQ pour le Québec, several people asked me when I would be publishing other blogs on the S. Lawrence River. I intend to resume in March. I have many subjects and am hopeful that these blogs will one day become a book.

Illusion of Power

My wife, Judith Turcotte, decided to translate my third novel, Illusion de Pouvoir. This is no small task; the novel has more than three hundred pages. She has already completed a first draft and we are now reviewing.

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