FFQ for Québec

FFQ for Quebec - bookTwo pro-independence groups of different generations develop strategies to reverse the downward trend of the independence movement. The first group is made up of supporters who have remained active since the 1970s. They realize today that they will run out of time to act and adopt a strategy aimed at bringing back the negative feelings of Canadians towards Quebecers.

The second group, much younger, create an organization which will make known and support independence movements all over the world in the hope of seeing the ethnic groups in Québec support Québec’s independence movement. This same group will initiate a campaign for the abolishment of the monarchy allowing Canada to reach its own cultural independence.

The plot unfolds through the eyes of the main character, a CIA agent, who infiltrated the independence movement twenty-five years ago. The novel takes place in Montréal, Toronto and Massachusetts.

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Illusion of Power

After a difficult campaign, Maxime Beaubien is elected Mayor of Montreal with the firm intention of obtaining from the Provincial government more powers so that the Greater Montreal area can develop in a harmonious fashion. From the start, he will find administrative and political difficulties across his path and he will realize that his title of Mayor does not necessarily come with power.

As if his difficulties at City Hall were not enough, his now public life complicates his relationship with his wife Noémie, and with a former girlfriend, Catheryne, a film star with a complicated personality. His involvement with the think tank the Cercle de la Montréalie and with the Centre Montpossible, which offers services to homeless youth, will come under both journalistic and police investigation.

Exasperated, Maxime will find a surprising solution to meet his objectives.

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Le Candidat

Le Candidat, Louis-Michel GrattonMaxime Beaubien receives an inheritance from an eccentric uncle on the condition that he devote time and money to the benefit of the Montréal region. In an attempt to influence public opinion, he creates a think tank that quickly becomes respected but he soon realizes that his attempt to change things from the outside is a failure and that he will have to act from the inside.

That conclusion leads him to run in the coming election to become the mayor of Montréal. A neophyte in political organization, he will soon discover that it is an unpredictable world filled with difficulties of all kinds: private life becoming public, past life events dug up, and the various problems encountered in forming a political party, recruiting candidates, raising funds and resisting influence peddlers just to name a few.

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Le testament d’Eusèbe

Couverture - Le testament d'EusèbeFinancially well off and somewhat eccentric, Eusèbe bequeaths to his nephew Maxime a small fortune on the condition that he uses a large portion for the benefit of Montréal, a city that is losing ground and deteriorating due to a lack of financial resources and political disorganisation. The nephew, a university professor and political commentator, will quickly realize that there exists a large gap between the role of observer and the one of actor and that when lived from the inside, the political world is brutal and without pity not only on a career but on a personal life.

(Available only in French)

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