NEWS (November 2023)

ILLUSION OF POWER You read that right. Illusion of Power. During the summer, my wife, Judith undertook the translation of my third novel, Illusion de pouvoir in English. The novel recounts the difficult life of a character who becomes the mayor of Montréal. She is in review mode and hopes to have the novel published … Lire plus

When We Compare

A translation by Judith Turcotte My attention this week was drawn to an article in the Journal de Montréal on the initiative of the City of Montréal that is creating sponge parks in order to eliminate sewer backups and reduce wastewater discharges in the St. Lawrence River. In these parks, catch basins are installed to regulate … Lire plus

Anticosti Island. Bravo! However…

A translation by Judith Turcotte UNESCO has announced that Anticosti Island is now a World Heritage Site. Excellent news. As such, it joins the Miguasha site and the historic district of Old Québec. I had not realized until today that Anticosti Island, with its 7715 square kilometres and its population of barely 200 people is … Lire plus

For mankind.

Translated by Judith Turcotte It is in the interest of mankind to protect certain attributes of the St. Lawrence River and its shores. Our river possesses attributes of worldwide interest and permit me to introduce you to three of these that we have the responsibility to protect. The salt mines of the Magdalen Islands are … Lire plus

No borders

A translation by Judith Turcotte Nature doesn’t recognize the borders established by men, these artificial borders created to allow ethnic groups to isolate themselves from their neighbours. This type of isolationism is impossible today and countries become more and more melting pots of different ethnic groups. Today, man realizes that the earth is becoming smaller … Lire plus

Buyer beware.

A translation by Judith Turcotte For many, a home on the shores of the St. Lawrence represents a dream but there are many pitfalls. When buying a residence on the waterfront, one must conduct a detailed due diligence before purchasing. Many problems along the river remain concealed. The risk of flooding is perhaps the first … Lire plus

Highs and Lows

A translation by Judith Turcotte. People look to buy homes on the shores of the St. Lawrence, however, in a previous blog, I wrote that erosion inflicts appreciable damage to properties built on its shores, a phenomenon that may very well become worse as the water level increases due to climatic changes. Global warming melts … Lire plus

Anxiety on the shore

A translation by Judith Turcotte We envy the people who choose to live on the shore of the St. Lawrence River but the choice comes with a certain degree of anxiety. The shoreline erosion of the St. Lawrence represents a serious problem for the residents but the phenomenon should not be a surprise; this erosion … Lire plus