No borders

A translation by Judith Turcotte Nature doesn’t recognize the borders established by men, these artificial borders created to allow ethnic groups to isolate themselves from their neighbours. This type of isolationism is impossible today and countries become more and more melting pots of different ethnic groups. Today, man realizes that the earth is becoming smaller … Lire plus

Buyer beware.

A translation by Judith Turcotte For many, a home on the shores of the St. Lawrence represents a dream but there are many pitfalls. When buying a residence on the waterfront, one must conduct a detailed due diligence before purchasing. Many problems along the river remain concealed. The risk of flooding is perhaps the first … Lire plus

Immigration and the St. Lawrence.

Human beings around the world must deal with immigration and the St. Lawrence wildlife is no different. There are more than a hundred species of fish and close to 2000 marine invertebrates that live in the river. To make things worse, there are no borders on the St. Lawrence. On a regular basis, we learn … Lire plus