Illusion of Power

I am pleased to announce that my book, Illusion de pouvoir is now available in English under the title Illusion of Power. The translator is Judith Turcotte, who happens to also be my wife. With 111,230 words on 300 pages, the translation took two years to complete. The reader interested in municipal politics, will enjoy … Lire plus

NEWS (November 2023)

ILLUSION OF POWER You read that right. Illusion of Power. During the summer, my wife, Judith undertook the translation of my third novel, Illusion de pouvoir in English. The novel recounts the difficult life of a character who becomes the mayor of Montréal. She is in review mode and hopes to have the novel published … Lire plus

Confidential discharges

A translation by Judith Turcotte The municipal authorities are responsible for the purification of wastewater and by extension, the discharges of untreated water directly into the St. Lawrence River and they are free to do what they want. The people are preoccupied by the quality of the water entering their homes but are indifferent to … Lire plus

The Seaway: a failure.

A translation by Judith Turcotte The construction of the seaway (at the end of the fifties) was considered as an important engineering achievement. At its inauguration, Raymond Charette, a journalist at Radio Canada declared: “June 26, 1959, is now a milestone in Canada’s history of ommunications and intercontinental and transoceanic connections.” During the inauguration, the … Lire plus

Yellow Perch or corn.

My family comes from Notre-Dame-de-Pierreville, a small municipality located on the shores of Lac Saint Pierre. I was the eldest of a family of six and my mother, Odette, would ship me off to my grandparents’ farm whenever a new sibling was born. I still have fond memories of the farm except for the picking … Lire plus