Anticosti Island. Bravo! However…

A translation by Judith Turcotte UNESCO has announced that Anticosti Island is now a World Heritage Site. Excellent news. As such, it joins the Miguasha site and the historic district of Old Québec. I had not realized until today that Anticosti Island, with its 7715 square kilometres and its population of barely 200 people is … Lire plus

For mankind.

Translated by Judith Turcotte It is in the interest of mankind to protect certain attributes of the St. Lawrence River and its shores. Our river possesses attributes of worldwide interest and permit me to introduce you to three of these that we have the responsibility to protect. The salt mines of the Magdalen Islands are … Lire plus

Anxiety on the shore

A translation by Judith Turcotte We envy the people who choose to live on the shore of the St. Lawrence River but the choice comes with a certain degree of anxiety. The shoreline erosion of the St. Lawrence represents a serious problem for the residents but the phenomenon should not be a surprise; this erosion … Lire plus