Illusion of Power

I am pleased to announce that my book, Illusion de pouvoir is now available in English under the title Illusion of Power. The translator is Judith Turcotte, who happens to also be my wife. With 111,230 words on 300 pages, the translation took two years to complete. The reader interested in municipal politics, will enjoy … Lire plus

NEWS (November 2023)

ILLUSION OF POWER You read that right. Illusion of Power. During the summer, my wife, Judith undertook the translation of my third novel, Illusion de pouvoir in English. The novel recounts the difficult life of a character who becomes the mayor of Montréal. She is in review mode and hopes to have the novel published … Lire plus

Newsletter (February 2023)

In November and December, I concentrated my efforts on the release of my last novel, FFQ pour le Québec and its English version, FFQ for Québec. My readers’ first reactions have been excellent and it’s encouraging to receive calls of congratulation. In preparation for the novel’s release, I posted several publications on Facebook. For those of … Lire plus