Books are Food for the Soul

By Judith Turcotte

Having been educated in both French and English, I cherish reading in both languages. What I have always found fascinating is exchanging books with friends and discussing them afterwards. I have now been hosting a Book Club since the Fall of 2022. We meet every month from October until June. Everyone contributes and gives ideas for the choices. There is always much discussion for and against the book of the month and we may enjoy some more than others but it opens our minds even if we may not have chosen that particular one on our own. The friends I have made in the Book Club are also food for the soul.

I believe my love and passion for reading most probably began at a young age frequenting the Fraser Hickson Library in Montréal. From children’s literature to Françoise Sagan, Stendhal, Hemingway and so many more, my nose was always in a novel. As for other pastimes and hobbies, reading does not have to be expensive, thus a membership at the library. I have always loved being a member of a library and so, over ten years ago, I published an article on the library in Saint-Lambert in a magazine called Lambert.

From its modest beginnings in the early part of the twentieth century to the present, the Saint-Lambert Memorial Library owes its very existence to the generosity, diligence and enthusiasm of its citizens, past and present. It has continued to grow and evolve into a first-class institute of literary knowledge.

If after reading my blog, the Book club would interest you, please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

Happy reading!

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